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Aces Hockey Academy works with local schools to find time within the academic day to allow for students to be transferred to the hockey rink, skate, and then return to school to finish the academic day. Often this time occurs during essentials periods or off periods.
Aces works with current high school hockey programs to encourage junior varsity and varsity students to schedule the same off period during the school week. Aces then schedules an hour of ice for any day/s that the school would like their students to skate. All skating and goalie training will be run by the elite Aces coaching staff and will focus solely on skill development.
There will be no more than 20 skaters on the ice at one time.
Aces hockey academy with provide transportation to and from the rink.
Yes, absolutely. Aces can accommodate all skill levels at the middle school level.
No, not during the Fall hockey season. However, high school students who are interested and are an Aces student, will have the opportunity to try out for an elite Aces team that will compete during the Spring season showcase games and tournaments throughout the United States and Canada.
Our Director of Hockey, as well as all of the coaches, have extensive knowledge of all of the different routes one can take in trying to accomplish their goals. Students that make the elite Aces Hockey team will play tournaments that will provide them with exposure. Additionally, Aces will provide guidance and knowledge to help students understand where they want to take their hockey and which route is best for each, individual student. Aces will work in partnership with students, parents and attended academic schools to determine what is best for each player.
Yes, for both middle and high school, you can attend Aces Hockey Academy and remain with your current association.