Aces Hockey Academy started on the Front Range in Colorado in 2018, by members of the hockey community that truly believed that there was a healthier path to finding success for youth hockey players; as athletes and as people. This group of devoted parents and coaches truly believe that academics, character and leadership, and service come first. We believe that these endeavors are best accomplished in a classroom setting, with academic teachers and a traditional curriculum. How we do this:

High School 9-12:

Aces Hockey Academy partners with local high schools to provide skill development for local high school programs. The majority of high schools in the Denver area are limited on the amount of ice that they are able to get for team practices. Often this results in practices being infrequent with little time to devote to skill development. By working with local high schools to accommodate the student athletes’ schedules, we can provide skill specific development with the best coaches in Denver during the academic day.

Middle School 5-8:

Aces Hockey Academy, in partnership with Mountain High Hockey, has been working with Aspen Academy for the past year. Students at Aspen Academy have been able to skate with coaches at the Ice Ranch in Littleton, Colorado. Transportation is provided to and from the rink. Students range from beginner to AAA players, as well as goalie specific training. Aces Hockey academy will be expanding on our partnership with Aspen Academy for 2019-2020, as well as any additional local middle schools that would like to make hockey a part of their school day.